Street Smart

As long as he can remember, Tony Maietta has seen the world in pictures: Moments to be framed, composed, shot and stored in his memory.

He held his first camera as a young boy. When he held that camera, and realized he could record those moments and share them, it blew his mind. He snapped photos of everything he saw. He shared them with family and friends. Some photos made people laugh. Others made them cry. Some received no reaction at all. Through trial and error, and some formal training, he learned what makes for the best images. It’s about capturing a poignant moment. A moment in time that makes someone feel, think or do something that they hadn’t thought to think, feel or do before. Good photography is about moving people — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s been years since he captured his first moment, and he’s still learning. His passion and mission in life remains — to capture images that make an impact.

In addition to his work as a professional photographer, Tony is an art director and graphic designer who owns his own company, Mark Street Design (”

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